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    550ml Portable Dog Water Bottle

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    Material: Silicone 

    Capacity: 550ml

    Size: 25.5cm/10"*9.6cm/3.78"*9cm/3.54" 

    Product Features:

    1. Soft food-grade silicone and PP material, resistant to beating, foldable and storage, more space-saving, and caring for the health of pets

    2. Pull up to open the water outlet, press down to seal without leakage, align the silicone plug with the arrow when using to speed up the water flow speed, and the excess water can be better refluxed 

    3. If you can't drink it, you can reflux without wasting water resources, and the water cup can be erected to recover the water that you can't drink 

    4. Large-diameter drinking trough, drinking water is not restricted, and the inside fits the dog's oral structure. Make drinking water more free 

     5. Portable lanyard is easy to pick up and go, easy to carry when you go out, and convenient to hang and store at home 

    6. It can be split and cleaned, refusing to hide dirt and dirt, and each accessory can be split to clean more in place



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